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You can find the square of the hypotenuse

No matter how successful you are, managing your money can be tricky. Especially if you’ve never learnt how. It’s crazy, right? You’ve done all the right things, but your finances still feel out of control.


But it feels like the deck is stacked against you

That’s because it is. 

Between podcast bros shouting about investments, ‘helpful’ savings tips from your loved ones, and the budding romance between the gender pay gap and the cost of living crisis, sorting out your finances can feel impossible. 

It’s easy to feel like you’ll never get ahead.

You’re not alone

There are millions of people in your position and it’s nothing to be ashamed of. All you need is a strategy, budget, and a cash flow plan that aligns with your goals and values. 

I’ve got you.

Highly recommend Mindful Budget for anybody who is looking to get their financial goals in order!

- Jesse C

This 4-week sprint gives you the tools you need to supercharge your savings and kickstart a more secure future.

Start saving...

Create a budget blueprint based on your money mindset—and learn the skills you need for lifelong financial freedom.

I'm listening...

Crystal clear financial modelling for smart cookies that want to take control of their finances for stress-free money management.

I need this...

Judgement-free, jargon-free money mindset and management tools for Millennial professionals seeking financial independence.

You’re anxious empowered

Give debt the slip with simple, actionable strategies.


You’re overwhelmed in control

Understand (and hack) your money mindset.


You’re influenced aligned

Create a financial plan based on your core beliefs and goals.


You’re stagnant visionary

Move past paycheque to paycheque with a blueprint for the future.

Working with Raegan over the past few months has been amazing!

- Rachael S

I’ve been there

We all have a money story. By the time I was 29, I’d racked up $65K worth of debt. But my story has a happy ending, and yours can, too.

Meet Raegan

Imagine your finances a year from now...

Are you cool, calm, and collected or still losing your shit?

Are you a money maven or a hot mess?

Are you working towards your dreams or still wondering what’s wrong with you?*

(*There’s nothing wrong with you—but you’re trying to play the game without knowing the rules.)

This isn’t your Dad’s budget

Grab my FREE ebook to find the saving tools that suit your spending style (so you can create a system that works for you!)

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