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Get the tools you need to make sense of your finances and create a secure future (without tracking every penny!)

Understand your money mindset and get the skills you need to eliminate debt, manage spending, and build personal wealth.

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Get the tools you need to make sense of your finances and create a secure future (without tracking every penny!)

Understand your money mindset and get the skills you need to eliminate debt, manage spending, and build personal wealth.


Working with Mindful Budget over the past few months has been amazing. I was feeling unconfident about building 'wealth' as I entered a more mature phase of my life. The course helped me to plan, think better about money and got me on the right track. If you have a financial goal you want to achieve or need some help feeling more confident about your money do the Money Course!

~Rachael S

The self-paced online money course for  Millenials who want to take charge of their financial future.

Remember what they told you about money growing up?

It’s rude to talk about it. It’s crass to want it. Your opinion only counts if you’re loaded.

It’s all crap

Knowledge is power. And you’re about to take your power back. 

In just eight weeks, you’ll get the skills you need to unf*ck your finances. I’m talking:

✨ Debt Reduction

✨ Cash Flow Management

✨ Mindset Shifts

So you can set the stage for a bright, stress-free future. 

Take charge of your finances and start creating a life that aligns with your values 

Ever since I started Financial Coaching, I’ve seen it time and time again. 

The hardest thing about financial management is understanding where you’re at. It’s no wonder you’re feeling overwhelmed—it’s impossible to set a goal if you don’t understand the state of play.

So here’s the first rule of money mastery:

Shame dies in the light

Taking charge of your finances is all about kicking shame to the curb. 

Unfortunately, shame is a Stage Five Clinger. Letting go can be a process. And you’re about to take the first step. 




The Money Course provided such a clear and simple direction with my finances and budget which has allowed me to focus on other things each day.  Highly recommend Mindful Budget for anybody who is looking to get their financial goals in order!”

~Jesse C


Clear and simple—judgement and jargon-free

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Here’s what the Mindful Money course delivers ON DEMAND over eight modules

Self-Paced Video Training

Start anytime, and learn at your own pace - no pressure, no rush. Or stick to the recommended one-module-per-week approach.

Worksheet & Templates

The course includes a complete guidebook, small action steps for each lesson, and a swag of templates and worksheets.

Expert Webinars

You're not alone! Deep dive further into financial freedom with expert webinars.

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What you will learn

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Uncover your money story and learn how your preconceived ideas about money can wreak havoc in your life.

With a deeper understanding of your finance personality, you’ll ditch destructive habits—for good.

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Specific achievable goals are the key to shifting your money mindset. 

Get clear on what you’re shooting for, so you can build the habits that will bring your dreams to life.

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Get clear how much you’ve got, how much you owe, and your credit score.

And learn the financial products that can help (and the ones to avoid!)

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Good debt and bad debt can both affect your net worth.

Work out what you owe and key strategies to repay it quick smart.

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All the strategies you need to enter your Savings Era. 

Choose products to help you reach your goals and how to put something away for a rainy day.

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Think budgeting doesn’t work for you? Think again!

Choose a budget that aligns with your goals (and doesn’t make you lose the will to live!) 

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Learn simple actions you can take daily, weekly, and monthly to keep your cash flow in check.

Configure your banking system for success and choose (and set up) your tracking systems.

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Side hustles and investing and superannuation, oh my!

Learn the things rich parents teach their kids to set them up for life.

Plus—bonus masterclasses, templates, expert webinars, and a VIP community

You. Are. Not. Bad. With. Money

You just need a few tricks up your sleeve 

"I wasn’t always the Queen of Cash Flow.

By 29, I’d been married, divorced, and moved across the Nullarbor three times. I was educated and made a great salary, but I had no idea where my money went each fortnight.

My mantra was, ‘say YES and figure it out later’.

I racked up $65K of debt (which converts to about a million bucks worth of shame).

It was time to make a change 

After heaps of research, I identified and reset my money mindset. I realised I wasn’t alone. That the average Aussie Millennial was sitting on about $32K worth of debt. 

Then I created a money management action plan, so that every dollar had a purpose. My shame turned into empowerment almost overnight.

Long story short, thanks to this simple plan and an online finance tracker, I paid off my $65K of debt in 24 months.

Once I could see the wood for the trees, I was motivated—ecstatic—to keep track of my progress each month.

That’s when I realised: this is my life’s work."

- Raegan Hanks, Founder

Take charge of your finances. Manage your money with confidence. Show self-doubt the door. 

Sure, you could pay hundreds of dollars for a single one-to-one coaching session. But this course is stacked with bonuses.

Let's Talk Bonuses 

Join the Mindful Money community and you’ll get:

  • 8 CONTENT MODULES, 3-4 x bite-sized lessons per module  that's more than just theory
  • BONUS EXPERT MASTERCLASSESHear from finance experts on a range of topics to broaden your literacy from Investing 101 to managing money with ADHD
  • TEMPLATES AND WORKBOOKS, Get practical tools and action steps to apply the skills in real-life
  • VIP COMMUNITY + EXCLUSIVE RESOURCESCome together in the student hub for support, motivation and accountability. 

For less than a quarter of what you’d pay for private coaching, you’ll get access to the exact same system as my coaching clients—ON DEMAND 


I wanted help leading up to buying my first home to get an understanding of where I was spending money and create an everyday cash flow plan plus a strategy to help pay off the mortgage as quickly as possible. The software and program are easy to use and the regular live check-in calls ensure I keep on track and still have a vision for the future

~Jennifer C

Australia’s only holistic money management course

  • 8 Self-paced training modules
  • 28 Video Lessons
  • Time-saving templates and worksheets
  • VIP Private Community
  • Bonus Expert Masterclasses

A new money mindset and the skills to bring it to life


2 Monthly Payments of $79 AUD
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One-time payment of $147 AUD
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This is for you if…

You want stress-free financial freedom

You want to understand and change your financial behaviours

You have a good job but living paycheck to paycheck

You’re smart and ambitious but feel lost and ashamed money worries are holding you back

You have tried downloading free budget templates but struggled to plan appropriately and would get off track time and time again

This is not for you if…

You are looking for the magic button/overnight success

You give up easily

You lack persistency and consistency

You are not willing to get your hands dirty

You are not willing to invest time in yourself to build financial

Stop firefighting.

Start future-proofing.

Shift your money mindset and get the concrete skills you need to manage your money and create the life you want


2 Monthly Payments of $79 AUD
Instant Access

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One-time payment of $149 AUD
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