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The truth is, most financial coaches in Australia don’t get you

The truth is, most financial coaches in Australia don’t get you

You want to understand your finances

(and get set up to smash your future goals)

You want to get a handle on your money, but it’s overwhelming.

You’ve tried to work to a budget before and it sucked the life out of you.

We're here to help with judgement-free, values-based financial coaching that works for you.

Mindful Budget created a clear budget and cash flow plan for us. Thanks to their goal-setting and money mapping, we know where our money is going and we’re going to pay off our mortgage in the next five years

- Martha

I wasn’t always the Queen of Cash Flow

- Founder Raegan Hanks.

"By 29, I’d been married, divorced, and had moved across the Nullarbor three times. I was educated and made a great salary, but I had no idea where my money went each fortnight.

My mantra was ‘say YES and figure it out later’.

I racked up $65K of debt (which converts to about a million bucks worth of shame).

I had to make a change

After heaps of research, I was able to identify and reset my money mindset. I realised I wasn’t alone. And that the average Aussie Millennial was sitting on about $32K worth of debt. 

Then I created a money management action plan, so that every dollar had a purpose. My shame turned into empowerment almost over night.

Long story short, thanks to this simple plan and an online finance tracker, I paid off my $65K debt in 24 months.

Once I could see the wood for the trees, I was motivated — ecstatic — to keep track of my progress each month.

I realised: This is my life’s work.

I teamed up with a finance guru

Joining forces with Chris Rule, owner of Money Maze and Mortgage Escape Australia with over 30 years of financial planning experience, together we're helping show clients exactly how to create the path to financial empowerment."

Money Mapping & Strategy

Work out where your money is actually going and understand how your financial future could look

Budget & Cash Flow Planning

Make informed decisions from a place of strength with a values-based budget that works for you

Private Coaching

Implement your plan with confidence each day and get active support and mentoring with private coaching programs

Self-paced Money Course

Learn to make sense of your finances and build the skills you need to understand your money mindset, how to eliminate debt, manage spending, and build personal wealth.

What people are saying

Jesse C

Raegan provided clear and simple direction with my finances and budget, allowing me to focus on other things each day. Highly recommend Mindful Budget for anybody who is looking to get their financial goals in order!

Rachael S

Working with Raegan over the past few months has been amazing. I was feeling unconfident about building 'wealth' as I entered a more mature phase of my life. She helped me to plan, think better about money and ultimately got me on the right track.

Shane C

I came to Raegan with a challenge of buying my first property in 9 months. Together we were able to create a sustainable  budget. After 3 months I was ready to take out a loan knowing it was within my limits.

Take charge of your finances.

Manage your money with confidence.

Give self-doubt the flick.


Choose from 1-on-1 strategy planning and financial coaching or checkout the Money Course and get the skills you need to build your own bright future.


The Money Course is available on demand, or join a group coaching round to learn the art of financial management while building lifelong money habits.


Get a grasp on your money, build your values based budget and watch your savings grow.

Do Future You the favour of a lifetime.


Create a budget blueprint based on your money mindset-and learn the skills you need for lifelong financial freedom

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Learn how to overcome the overwhelm with personalised crystal clear financial modelling and mentoring

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Meet Raegan & Chris

Our simple, supportive service provides you the tools you need to make clear, confident choices. 

With short and long-term coaching options available, we use the latest in financial technology to help humans make sense of budgeting, cash flow planning, and goal realisation. 

Raegan Hanks is a professional financial coach and strategist, with cert IV in finance broking and financial services plus endorsed by Mortgage Escape Australia & Money Maze - financial strategists and financial advisors. Thanks to her unique values-based approach to personal finance, she helps Australians demolish debt and make the most of their money. 

When she’s not dishing out frank financial education, Raegan loves cycling, avocado brunch dates, coffee, red wine, spending time with hubby Tim and cuddling with her sweet babes, Natalie & Raymod.

Chris Rule has been in the finance sector for 30+ years and from his time as a financial adviser, understands that every story is unique. Chris knows that your ultimate goal is peace of mind.

His financial modelling program was established to provide tangible financial modelling, enabling people to make confident financial decisions.

When he’s not helping clients achieve the lifestyle they want, Chris enjoys watching the Perth Wildcats, having a glass of red with his wife and spending time with his energetic grandsons.