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TBH, we don't care how you spend your money


But if you want to get your financial sh!t together, this is the place to start

TBH, we don't care how you spend your money


But if you want to get your financial sh!t together, this is the place to start

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Work out where your money is actually going.

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Understand how your financial future could look.

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Make informed decisions from a place of strength.

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Implement your plan with confidence each day.

For smart cookies who want to take control of their finances and set themselves up for financial freedom

Here’s the thing: 

If you want to un-fuck your finances, you’ve got to learn to understand them. And that kind of understanding can be a bit of a process. But once you’ve got it, you’re in a powerful position. 

Thanks to powerful financial modelling software, you’ll get a clear picture of where you’re at—and exactly where you could be. I’ll show you, in real terms, exactly how the choices you make each day will play out in 10, 20, even 30 years. 

It sounds exciting because it is

During your strategy session, we’ll focus on what you’d ultimately like to achieve—those BIG DREAMS you’ve never said out loud. And then we’ll map out the exact steps you’ll take to bring those dreams to life.

Crystal clear financial modelling

To keep you on track, you’ll get access to a premium fintech system. Accessible from your favourite device, it takes the grind out of finance tracking and puts control at your fingertips.  

It’s clear, easy to use, and it puts your goals within reach.

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Personalised financial modelling is all about you

Maybe you want to buy a house.

Maybe you’re trying to get out of debt.

Maybe you’re a new parent juggling a tonne of priorities.

Wherever you’re at with your finances, I can help you:

  • Understand where your money is going
  • Balance your goals and your lifestyle
  • Boost your financial intelligence
  • Streamline billing and transfers
  • Create a stress-free cash flow management plan
  • Eliminate money worries for good

Whether you’re saving for a deposit or looking to ditch debt, you’re about to learn how to overcome the overwhelm and set the stage for financial freedom.

The software and program are easy to use and the regular check-in emails/calls ensures I keep on track and still have a vision for the future

- Jennifer C

How it works

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Step 1: Money Mapping & Strategy Planning

We'll spend 90 minutes deep-diving into financial modelling taking a holistic approach to your financial well-being and goals. We'll build a debt repayment plan, saving strategy and also take a look at your account management and banking systems. 

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Step 2: Budget & Cashflow Set-Up

For a little extra help with the finer daily details, you can opt for a done-for-you personalised onboarding service into the finance tracking portal, complete with a 90-minute online detailed budget and cash flow set-up session.

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Step 3: Financial Coaching

With a strategy plan and money map in place, you have the option of a 3-month 1-on-1 financial coaching package including fortnightly check-in calls, unlimited email, monthly reporting and premium access to the finance tracker.

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Wondering what I know about it?

Eighteen years in the renewable energy sector taught me the delicate balance of showing clients the ropes and calculating their cost savings and benefits. And after digging myself out of $65K of debt in just under two years, I partnered with Chris Rule, owner of Money Maze and Mortgage Escape financial advisor and together we're helping show clients exactly how to create the path to financial empowerment. 

You don’t have to give up your favourite things or stay in every weekend. Armed with a clear cash flow plan, you’ll spend more on the things you value AND plan for the unexpected.

Get in control of your finances and be confident about the future.  

No more sticking your head in the sand. No more wondering where your money’s going. No more all-or-nothing budgets.

Your financial future starts now.

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Coaching with Raegan & Chris

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Part bean-counters, part educators, you’ll have us in your corner as your financial coach.

Together, we’ll take your finances from bonkers to balanced in as much time as it takes to watch a movie.

Total access to our values-based budget planning service puts your goals into context — and within reach.

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Looking for something different?

For less than a quarter of what you’d pay for private coaching, you’ll get access to the exact same system as my coaching clients—ON DEMAND

  • Self-Paced Video Training
  • Worksheets & templates
  • Bonus expert materclasses
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Stop firefighting.

Start future-proofing.

Shift your money mindset and get the concrete skills you need to manage your money and create the life you want with the Mindful Money Course>.